Out Of Sync

 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.

~Psalm 32:8 NKJV

There are times in our life when we may feel like we're out of sync.  Where we're out of step.  We feel like maybe we missed something.  We get this nagging feeling that maybe we missed a turn somewhere behind us.  We just know that something isn't quite right in our life.  Things aren't exactly as they should be.  Somewhere, we've gotten out of step with God.

I heard a pastor called this "spiritual discontent" once.  I thought that was a pretty good term.  I've felt that a few times myself.  And usually it's because I AM out of step with God.  I'm either doing something I know isn't quite right.  Or I've made a decision about something that's got more to do with what I want to do, than what God's plan is for me.

We let all kinds of things get between us, and the good things that God has planned for us.  Too often we let sin get in the way.  Or we don't want to go where we're being led.  We're afraid.  We want to stay where we're comfortable.  Maybe we're afraid of what we'll be asked to do.  Or maybe we're concerned about what we'll be asked to give up.

And we get out of sync.  And we get that unrelenting feeling that we're missing something.  That we're heading in the wrong direction.  That's because you probably are!

With freedom--with freewill comes responsibility.  Sure, we have the ability to accept or decline anything God has for us.  But there are consequences when we don't come into the plan God has for our life.  When we never come to know our purpose.  When we never discover those gifts God gave us and use them to their full potential.

When you find yourself out of sync.  Stop and consider the path you're on.  And if you ask for guidance, you'll most assuredly get it.  In fact, there's a good probability you know what's at the source of it already.

~Todd E. Creason