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Starting Your Day With God

I've always been a regular Bible reader (usually in the evenings), but until a few years ago I didn't have a regular habit of study and devotional time. I decided three or four years ago to start setting aside ten or fifteen minutes first thing in the morning for devotional time and prayer.  I found a good devotional I liked, and each morning, I'd read the recommended texts, then read the devotional, and then spend a few minutes in prayer.   Establishing a new habit isn't that easy sometimes, but I found that this habit took root very quickly.  I found I looked forward to that quiet time in the morning, and it went from ten or fifteen minutes a day to a half hour very quickly.  Many days I'll get up early and spend an hour.  That time has been transformational for me. I began to see God at work in my life a lot more clearly when I began setting that time aside.  That's when I started thinking about seminary and realizing that God had a plan for my retirement tha

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