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Addiction Takes Many Forms

"Set you minds on things above, not on earthly things." ~Colossians 3:2 Every week I get an alert from my phone asking me if I'd like to view my phone usage report.  I always ignore it.  It's one of those annoying features that I'd shut off if I knew how, and it's not quite annoying enough to figure out how.   But I looked at it a few weeks ago.  I was stunned! I could not believe how many hours A DAY I was spending on my phone!  Four hours!  That's 28 hours a week!  The other stat that surprised me was how many times a day I pick the phone up and look at it.  And the report showed me what I was doing on my phone and for how long.  I guess it shouldn't be surprising.  We use our phones for everything from calls, to emails, to texts, to social media and entertainment.  We play games.  Most people grab that phone and look at it whenever they have a spare moment.  We just can't be bored for one second anymore.  Even if it's no longer than a trip t