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Who Are You Really?

The hardest person to be honest with is yourself . . . Billy Graham frequently said that if he was given ten minutes with a man's checkbook, we could tell where his heart was.  What people say means very little.  That's not new, even Benjamin Franklin knew that when he said, "Well done is better than well said."  If you want an accurate gauge of what a person is about, watch what they d o, not what they say.  Your heart is where you spend your energy, your thoughts, and your treasure.   We live in a world of virtue signalling.  We always have, but these days, it's just a lot more obvious because it's easier to check facts.  I'm not reminding you of this so that you can point at other people.  I'm reminding you of this so you can look in the mirror and see it in yourself.   Do your actions match your beliefs?  Do the things you say match with the things you do?  Do the causes you support and the organizations you belong to share the values

Shutting Down The Residual Echo Of The Modern World

We were having a discussion in one of my seminary classes last week, and one of my classmates made the remark that she feels like the internet has made her dumber than she used to be.  She pointed out how she used to have to rely on her memory much more before smart phones--addresses, phone numbers, dates, etc. She said she doesn't even bother to try and remember details anymore, because as long as she has her phone she can just Google it.   I've noticed the same thing.  I'm a huge fan of cinema, and I can point out an actor in a movie in about two seconds--even somebody in a small role.  I can almost always come up with their name and tell you about three other movies or television shows they were in.  These days instead of searching for it in my memory, I'll just look it up on my phone. I do believe that the easy access to information has made us much weaker mentally.  We rely our our tool instead of our minds. And I believe it makes us spiritually weaker at times, to