About The Author

"What do you want to do with the rest of your life?"

That was a question I wasn't ready for when I realized a few years ago I would soon be able to retire.  Of course I don't have to retire from my job, but the idea of being able to certainly awakened in me the possibility of doing something different--and since I'm retiring young enough I could potentially have another 20 or 25 years to do it!

I realized almost immediately what I wanted to do.  It was the same thing I wanted to do right out of high school.  I wanted to go to seminary and then find a way to serve God in ministry.  That plan when I was young didn't work out.  I wasn't ready for it then.  But the desire to do that never left.  And this time, I knew it was a true calling to ministry.  Every obstacle that would have made it difficult for me to actually do this fell away.  Within weeks I found myself walking into my first seminary class.  And now I'm near the end of the training and learning and at the beginning of the ministry part.  I'm not sure what shape that ministry will take yet, but God will point the way as He always has.  And this blog is a part of it.   

I hope you enjoy what you find here.  You can send me your comments at webmaster@toddcreason.org or always feel free to comment on the posts. I look forward to our journey together!

Todd E. Creason is the father of two daughters, and lives with his wife Valerie on the same farm where he grew up.