About The Blog

Don't we get enough bad news every day?  We live in a world where we never get away from the media--we live in a 24-hour news cycle.  We get constant updates on our phones from social media--FaceBook and Twitter and Instagram and many others sources.  The picture we get is completely inaccurate. The world is not ending today. In fact, there's still a lot of good in the world if you look for it.

The idea for this blog is a very simple one--I'm going to share things with you I hope will enhance your journey.  I'm sure it will evolve over time, but what I want to do in this space is counteract that dire picture of our world that we're buffeted with on a daily basis. There is evil in the world without question, but there is also tremendous good--if we just look for it.

I hope you enjoy the blog.  You can send me your comments at webmaster@toddcreason.org or always feel free to comment on the posts. I look forward to our journey together!

Todd E. Creason
Todd E. Creason is an award winning writer of several books.  He is a Christian, a husband, and the father of two daughters. He has lived in the same rural community his entire life, and can frequently be found mornings searching the local coffee shops, truck stops and gas stations for the perfect cup of coffee with his faithful companion Daisy (a four-year-old chocolate lab).