About Todd Creason

I wasn't born into a Christian home.  I was introduced to the church through the family of my best friend when I was about 10 years old.  They were very devoted Christians, and they took me along with them and introduced me to the Lord.  They explained things to me.  They encouraged me.  They even gave me my first Bible.  And I thank God each and every day for that experience.  I was baptized by my friend's dad one Sunday morning when I was sixteen.

And since then, I've always looked to the Bible for answers to life's questions.  Any problem I'm having, any situation that comes up, any difficulty I'm dealing with, I go to the Bible.  And I've always found answers there.  I've always found encouragement and wisdom there.  And through my relationship with Christ, I've found meaning in my life. 

But I certainly never expected to be a church pastor.  But that's where the Lord guided me.  I was well over fifty when I started seminary, and here I am, a few years later, a brand new pastor in a little Baptist church not too far from where I've lived my whole life.  And I've come to realize since I first walked behind the pulpit, that God has been preparing me for this all my life.  And I have no idea where this is all going--if this is the first step or my final destination?  One thing I do know, is that He will tell me when I need to know.

I'm hoping to share with you some of the things that encourage me.  Some of the things I've read.  Some of the things I run across that fortify me in my journey.  Maybe a few leftovers that didn't make it into the sermon that week.  I hope they give you encouragement, or maybe even a chuckle every once in awhile. 

I hope you enjoy what you find here.  You can send me your comments at webmaster@toddcreason.org or always feel free to comment on the posts. I look forward to our journey together!

Pastor Todd E. Creason is the father of two daughters, and lives with his wife Valerie on the same farm where he grew up. He's the Pastor of a small town Baptist church in the Midwest.