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Making My Smart Phone Dumb Again . . .

I was pretty late to the smart phone party.  I resisted for a long time.  When I finally got an iPhone, I realized what I'd been missing.  I was able to do so much right from my phone!  I could check my emails, and do my banking, and schedule my appointments (even my haircuts!).  What an amazing tool! But that didn't last long.  That tool quickly became a toy.  I spent more and more time on social media, and watching videos on YouTube.  Before I knew it, it wasn't a help anymore, and I spend more and more time staring at that phone and less and less time living in the real world.    I've been fighting with this phone for the last 18 months.  I've had a difficult time being disciplined about how I use it.  Whenever I have a couple minutes, I have that out, and I'm looking at it.  I frustrates me, because it's become so habitual with me.  And many others. So I've decided to make that phone dumb again.  One at a time, I've been taking apps off the phone