Just A Little Patience . . .

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 

~Philippians 4:6

In February, we added a member to our family--a little Corgi puppy that we named Oliver (although we call him Scooter more often than not).  He's about seven months old now, but from the very beginning, this little dog has been impatient.  That's just how this breed is apparently.  They've got an opinion about everything, and Scooter is annoyed if you're doing something, and he's annoyed if you're not doing anything.  My wife, Valerie, says he has the temperament of a grumpy old man. 

I think we all struggle with patience from time to time.  Dealing with a difficult family member, or an annoying co-worker.  Sometimes we get too much on our plate.  Sometimes things come up at the worse possible times and it puts us in a mood.  Sometimes people aren't moving fast enough for us.  Sometimes they're moving too fast and we can't keep up--either way we find our patience challenged.

But take a moment.  Take a pause before you react to a situation--Philippians tells us "do not be anxious about anything."  When was the last time getting upset or angry solved any problem?  I'd be willing to guess the answer is NEVER!  Ask God to give you strength if yours is lacking.  Take a moment to be grateful for what we've been given, for the opportunities that we have, and for a God that's always there to lend us a hand when we ask for it.

~Todd E. Creason 


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