Attack of the Goose-tapo

I've been working at home for the last two years, and starting at the beginning of March, we've slowly been working our way back into the office with the goal of finally being back in the office three days a week.  For a month we worked one day in the office.  Then in April it was two days a week.  And now we're up to three days a week in May.  

It wasn't going that well for me.  When we first started working from home, I didn't like.  But I've grown used to it.  My wife works.  My youngest goes to high school.  It's been just me and my dog, Daisy, for the majority of it--we added a puppy named Scooter a few months ago.  I've been pretty happy working from home.  Going back to the office has been a bigger adjustment than going home. 

I dread going in on those three days.  Last week, I realized my attitude was the biggest problem, so I decided I was going to work on that.  I got up early.  I put on a nice tie.  I stopped and got an overpriced cup of coffee.  I was trying the best I could to have a good attitude about it.  When I get to work, I walk to my building whistling as I went.  As I walk around the corner, I'm confronted by a very large goose.

And he looked perturbed.  

And we just stare at each other for a minute, when suddenly he charged me.  I dropped my coffee and I ran like a girl.  I don't know why exactly.  It seemed like the thing to do at the time.  But suddenly I realize I'm running from a goose!  So I stop, and turn around to confront him face to face.  But he keeps coming.  So I kicked at him, missed, and fell down.  The goose waddles off, and I get up and brush myself off.  

I walk back to the door where I'd dropped my coffee.  Amazingly the lid hadn't come off.  I picked it up--I lost half of it, but I took a big drink of it.  Then I noticed the two workmen standing outside the next building over.  They were just staring at me.  

They weren't there when I arrived.  I realized what they had seen was me walk around the corner, pick a coffee cup up off the ground and drink from it.  

"Still warm," I said as I waved at them and held up the cup. They didn't react at all, and I went inside.

I had a good laugh about it, and I felt better about going back to work.  I'd have missed that experience working from home.  I realized I could do this again.  I've been doing it for more than twenty years.  But I did hope I didn't encounter another goose.

Of course, the next day there isn't one goose, but a whole flock!
Oddly enough, when I went to work the next morning, there wasn't one goose at the back door of my building . . . there was entire flock!  Like they were saying to me, "We heard you tried to kick our friend!"

It was a little too Hitchcock for me.  I walked around the building and went in the other door. 

~Todd E. Creason



  1. A student told me about a teammate who came to Illinois from the West coast. She was fascinated by the “black ducks” around the area and had obviously never experienced their wrath like you have!

    1. They're very aggressive this time of year when they're guarding their nests.


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