The ReCharge Message: Our Hope Is In God

"You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word."

Psalm 119:114

    Hope is powerful.  Hope is knowing the best is yet to come.  Hope is knowing that at the end of our days, God will fulfill his promises to us. 

    Do you ever have something on your calendar that you’re looking forward to?  Something you just can’t wait for.  Every day you glance at that calendar and you’re grinning as you count the days until you get there.  Maybe you’re going on a trip to visit some family.  Or maybe you’re going on a vacation to get away from some family.  

    But the closer it gets, the more you anticipate the event.  And it changes your attitude.  Problems at work that would usually ruin your whole day just bounce right off, because you know next week I’m outta here!  People can’t get your goat.  You’re in a good mood even when the going is no easier than it was last week.  That’s because you know there’s something great coming on the horizon.  There’s a reward ahead, and all this stuff you have to deal with right now just doesn’t seem so pressing right now with your eyes focused on the prize.

    That’s the way hope works with Christians.  The best is yet to come.  The reward is ahead. Focusing on that keeps all the other things in your life in better focus. 

    It’s hope that carries us through times of trouble.  It’s hope that gives us confidence when we’re struggling.  Hope is not some vague wish, but the confident expectation that God is on the throne and will take care of us and provide for us.  Hope isn’t just today or tomorrow or next week or next month.  Hope won’t just take us to the end of our lives, but beyond death itself to an eternity promised by God and guaranteed by Jesus Christ.   

Hope is the promise ahead. 

(excepted from the Wednesday Night ReCharge message at Muncie Baptist Church 3/9/2022)

~Todd E. Creason


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