A Few Character Traits of a Fisherman

I love to fish.  I don't fish as much as I used to, but I still enjoy it a great deal.  I was thinking about fishermen the other day, and realized they have a very unique set of character traits.

1.) A fisherman is an optimist at heart.  He fishes not for what he knows he is going to catch, but for what he thinks he might catch.  He may catch nothing, but he will go back the next day and fish again.

2.) A fisherman is patient.  He will sit all day starting at a bobber because he knows if he sits quietly and waits, eventually a fish will come along and pull that bobber down.

3.)  A fisherman isn't disheartened when he doesn't catch any fish.  He will simply try a different method until he finds one that works.

4.) If a fisherman isn't having any luck at his usual spot, he's likely to try fishing places he's never tried before.

5.) The more difficult the terrain, the more rewarding the catch. A fisherman in pursuit of his catch isn't very concerned about losing a little tackle in a low hanging branch, or getting hung up on a submerged log.  His eyes are focused on the fish, and obstacles and barriers are an expected part of process.

Perhaps that unique mindset of fishermen is why in Matthew 4:18-22 the first four that Jesus selected to join him were all fishermen: Simon (Peter), Andrew, James and John.   

And Jesus would like to make us all fishermen . . .

~Todd E. Creason