Starting Your Day With God

I've always been a regular Bible reader (usually in the evenings), but until a few years ago I didn't have a regular habit of study and devotional time. I decided three or four years ago to start setting aside ten or fifteen minutes first thing in the morning for devotional time and prayer.  I found a good devotional I liked, and each morning, I'd read the recommended texts, then read the devotional, and then spend a few minutes in prayer.  

Establishing a new habit isn't that easy sometimes, but I found that this habit took root very quickly.  I found I looked forward to that quiet time in the morning, and it went from ten or fifteen minutes a day to a half hour very quickly.  Many days I'll get up early and spend an hour.  That time has been transformational for me. I began to see God at work in my life a lot more clearly when I began setting that time aside.  That's when I started thinking about seminary and realizing that God had a plan for my retirement that didn't involve fishing every day.   

There's not a better way to start the day.  Prayer is always involved with my morning time, but sometimes instead of reading scripture and a devotional, I'll spend time studying a chapter. Right now I'm working my way through Matthew using Warren Wiersbe's "BE" series (the title of the Matthew study is "Be Loyal").  You can find all of Weirsbe's books on Amazon--and I highly recommend them.    

This morning time can take on many different forms.  A friend of mine takes a "prayer walk" each morning to start his day.  He's been doing this for several years now.  He was never a morning person, and his day always started in a rush and by the time he arrived in the office he was already in a bad mood.  So he started getting up earlier.  Decided some exercise would help and started taking a walk in the morning.  Before long, he found he was using this time to talk to God.  He walks with no earbuds or distractions for an hour every day.  Just walking and talking to God.  He says that time in the morning has changed his life.  It gives him focus.  It centers his day before it begins because when his first conversation of the day is with God, it reminds him of what is truly important and what is not.  He walks into work early every day, and in a great mood.  And that wasn't him just a few years ago!

So I challenge you!  Try starting your day with God.  Start with ten or fifteen minutes in the morning over coffee. It doesn't have to be rigid or complicated.  Read your Bible.  Pray.  Find a devotional series you enjoy.  Take a prayer walk.  Whatever works for you.  But be prepared for how such a small change in your daily routine can change your life.