Words Are Easy Things

Have you ever seen so much virtue signaling as we have today? You see it on social media. You see it on t-shirts. You see it on the bumpers of people's cars. People proudly announcing they are against hate.  They are against racism.  They are against oppression.  They are against censorship.  It gets a little silly sometimes, because I'm not always clear who they think are FOR any of these things they are so loudly and proudly against.

In the end, words don't matter very much--it's actions that matter. Words are easy things. How you live your life should reflect your values.  It's how you treat other people that shows the kind of person you are. It's how you react and interact in the world that demonstrates what you're about. It's about listening to other people. It's about learning from one another. It's about showing compassion to our fellow man.  It's about being kind. It's about being forgiving. It's about being prayerful and grateful. 

So volunteer your time.  Write a check.  Help a neighbor. And do these things quietly and without fanfare and without tooting your own horn simply because they are things you believe in. Let your actual life tell your story, rather than your social media account.

If you live your values you don't have to virtue signal. People will know what you're about if you're an authentic person.  But in the end, it isn't other people we should be trying to impress. Live your life to please God. 

~Todd E. Creason


  1. It's good to hear someone express what I myself try to do (or not do rather).

    1. I don't think any of us get it right all the time . . . there's always that very human "look at me, look at me!" tendency. :-)


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