Missing Pieces

My family enjoys doing puzzles--especially in the winter.  We have a big dining room table, and we clear it off and go to work on the most recent acquisition. Now there is one disadvantage of having a bit dopey chocolate lab--if it hits the floor, it belongs to Daisy.  And if you're doing a puzzle, and you don't happen to notice a piece has gone off the edge, you'll most likely never see it again.  

It's very unsatisfying to get to the end of a puzzle and discover you have a few pieces missing--especially if it's a big 1,000 piece puzzle you've worked on a few evenings. The more time and effort you've invested, the more those incomplete parts seem to bother us. 

Life is like that, too.  Sometimes we fail to see the big picture.  We fail to see that we have 99.9% of the big picture complete, and instead of enjoying that part, we tend to obsess over those missing pieces in our life.  And too often, we try and find something to fill those gaps ourselves, and it's never exactly right.  Trying to finish that picture ourselves leaves us even more dissatisfied in the end.  

Why not focus on the abundance in your life instead.  Why not focus on where you have all the pieces of your life together and be grateful for that.  When we live a life with an attitude of gratitude, God has a way of giving to us those things we need.  

God fills in those missing pieces.