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Todd E. Creason
Welcome!  This blog has been around since about 2006 when I started reseaching and writing my first book Famous American Freemasons.  There have been five books since--another Famous American Freemasons volume, a collection of quotes from famous Freemasons entitled A Freemason Said That?, and three novels One Last Shot (2011), A Shot After Midnight (2013), and Shot To Hell (2014).  Right now, I'm working on a book based on a series of articles I wrote here--the Live Happy seriesYou can find all my books here.

This blog has been known by several different names--originally it was the Midnight Freemason, and later it was From Labor To Refreshment.  The Midnight Freemason blog is still around, but it's plural now--it's The Midnight Freemasons and there are more than a dozen writers now (including me) that write on the topic of Freemasonry for Freemasons and those interested in the topic of Freemasonry.

So in case you hadn't figured it out, in addition to being a husband, the father of two daughters, and most recently a grandfather--I'm also a Freemason.  I'm a Past Master in my Lodge, a member of the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, and a Shriner (although not a very active one as of yet).  Freemasonry has played a very important part in my life over the last decade--it's not an exaggeration to say it's been a driving force.  

You'll find my more serious work on the topic of Freemasonry over at the Midnight Freemasons.  What you'll find here are factoids, tidbits, research leftovers, and some personal perspectivesI hope you enjoy it.  

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  1. New to the blog/site and happy to have come across it.

    M.W.P.H.G.L. Juris. of PA
    Clarence C. Kittrell, #149(PHA)

  2. New to your blog, looking forward to reading though it.
    Mark Burger
    Pacific Grove, CA
    Pacific Grove #331


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