Thursday, August 9, 2018

Masonic Ink: New Zealand

Here's a more international addition to this long-running series.  I'm afraid, as Bro. Groves points out, that the photo isn't very clear.  If you have photos of Masonic Ink you'd like to share, people do seem to enjoy these posts a great deal.  I'll just share what Brother Bruce Groves wrote below:

Greetings Todd,

I came across your website during a Google search trying to find the Masonic artist my tattoist has a poster of in his shop.  Looks like I have to go back and get the name!

Anyway, I got Kurt at 7th Rose Tattoos here in Gisborne, New Zealand to do my Masonic tattoo after I'd assembled various symbols and tattoos I liked the look of and drew up a draft for him.

My best friend lives in USA and she is Greek, so I had the Masonic Faith, Hope, & Charity written in Greek as a homage to her.  My Mother Lodge is named by number (Lodge Manurewa #222 New Zealand Constitution), there is a Maori-stylized Kiwi at the base of the compasses, and the Southern Cross constellation (for NZ).

Kurt did it all in one session including the color but I had to go back for the stars which he forgot to add to the design and I had missed when I OK'd it.
Embellishing it is the nipple ring, to which I have fitted a skull and crossbones for more Masonic symbols. 

I apologize for the lack of clarity in the photo - I didn't have anyone to take the photo with a camera and relied on the computer one.

Once again, thanks for the opportunity to share my tattoo.

Bro Bruce Groves
Lodge Abercorn-Tuahine #76
Gisborne, The Sunshine City
New Zealand 

Keep those photos coming!

~Todd E. Creason

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