Thursday, July 26, 2018

What? Did I Get Fired?

The original "Midnight Freemason" is still very much on the job--he just doesn't stay up quite so late anymore.
I got a concerned email yesterday from a long time reader asking me if I'd gotten fired from the Midnight Freemasons blog!  He noted I'd been posting more on the "From Labor To Refreshment" blog lately.  No, I didn't get fired, but I share the writing responsibility with eight other writers on the Midnight Freemasons, so I post about once a month or so (and sometimes I'll dig up an old piece to post when we find ourselves a little short on material like we do sometimes in the summer months). 

The difference between The Midnight Freemasons and the From Labor To Refreshment blog are this.  The From Labor To Refreshment blog is mine, and I post quite a bit of content that isn't Masonic--the Midnight Freemasons is always in one way or another related to Freemasonry.  Believe it or not, Freemasonry isn't my only interest, and I write about those other interests on here as well--I enjoy what I call "pursuit of happiness" pieces. 

The other difference between the two blogs, is that the Midnight Freemasons enjoys an enormous audience, and my blog is relatively small by comparison.  I like it that way.  It means I can try things out here and gauge the response to it.  It's my writing sandbox in many ways.  What I post on here, very few Midnight Freemasons readers see.  So when I do post something on here that is Masonic in nature, it's either too local to be of interest to a national audience, or it's a test balloon for something I'm thinking about and working on for the Midnight Freemasons blog. 

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much longer using this as a sandbox will last.  The From Labor To Refreshment blog is beginning to pick up readership, so eventually, I'll have to start taking my "testing ground" a little more seriously.  A friend of mine suggested I could drive off some readership on here by writing things that stink--however, he's also a writer and I don't think he has my best interest at heart. 

But thank you all for following along, commenting, and emailing me.  It has been very useful to my writing process, and very often, what you say plays a big role in what I wind up writing in the end.

This picture of my dog, Daisy, has nothing to do with the piece what-so-ever.  But she's sweet, huh?
I will give you a few updates while I'm at it:   As I've reported before, I'm working on a new book with WB Greg Knott of the Midnight Freemasons that we expect to have out this fall (Fall 2018).  It's coming along nicely.  It's a collection of my work, his work, and is illustrated with his photos!   Short articles, all of which are interesting reading and would make excellent education pieces for your Lodge. 

I'm also putting together a new  group of Midnight Freemasons--this group of Midnight Freemasons will be recruited to research and write articles for our Masonic print publications.  Soon you'll be seeing a whole new group of Midnight Freemasons in those publications you get in your mailbox every month.  And I plan on writing more for print publications big and small as well--in fact, I'll be writing a quarterly piece for my Scottish Rite Valley's publication beginning in October. 

And I'll most likely be trying out some of that material I'm working on here, so keep those comments and suggestions coming!  I'm still here!  I've not been sacked . . . not yet anyway!

~Todd E. Creason, 33°

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