Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Back In The Saddle Again . . .

I was not sleeping, I was listening intently . . .
About a year ago, I retired as Secretary of my Lodge after a seven year stint. I thought it was time somebody else take it. I was swamped at the time. I was busy working on a book idea, being the Master of another Lodge, serving as a newly elected member of my local school board, and helping to build a new Chapter of the Royal Arch. It was difficult keeping all those balls in the air and balancing that with a full time job, and with the duties of being a husband, father and grandfather.

And while leaving that chair creating a great deal of time for me, what I’ve discovered is that I haven’t used that time very wisely. I thought I’d have more time to write. I have, but I haven’t spent it writing—last year was my least productive year writing since I began writing about Freemasonry a decade ago. I haven’t spent any more time with my family, because almost everything I did as Secretary I did from home evenings after they’d gone to bed.

I realized something a few months after I left the Secretary chair. I get more out of that Secretary job than the job takes out of me. In fact, many of the things I’ve written about over the years have come from the experiences I’ve had being Secretary of my Lodge—both good and bad. It’s not an easy job. And it’s not a job for everyone. But for me, it fits. I like it because it’s behind the scenes instead of out front. I like it because it because it primarily involves work I can do from home, through email, and on the phone.

During our annual officer elections, our current Secretary expressed a desire to go through the chairs and become Master eventually—he hasn’t had an opportunity to do that yet. And if he remained Secretary, he probably never would have a chance to do that. It was a great relief to me to hear that, because I thought he was enjoying the job as Secretary, and would probably stay in it for some years. So when the Lodge was looking for volunteers for the job of Secretary, well, my hand couldn’t have gone up much faster.

Freemasonry gives each of us an opportunity to serve in our own way. I guess for me, the place where I prefer to serve the Fraternity is behind the scenes. Writing my books and stories at night, and sitting behind the Secretary’s desk doing a job few want, and even fewer excel at. But it certainly suits me just fine I've discovered.

Saturday, I went on a road trip with a few Masons down to a Secretary’s Workshop given by Our Grand Secretary of Illinois in Mattoon, Illinois. I learned about all the things that have changed, all the things that are new, and all the things good Secretaries should do—presented in a three-and-a-half hour session with about forty PowerPoint slides. And after taking it all in, I recall exactly what I was thinking.

What in the world have I done?

~Todd E. Creason, 33°

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  1. Congrats? :-)

    I've "escaped" the office twice and while I no longer sit in the chair I can't help but gently nudge the poor Brother who followed me (as well as the Master). The statement that a Secretary never truly leaves office is so true.

    Best of luck on your return to the office Todd, and may your pen never run out of ink.


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