Saturday, March 17, 2018

Weekly Update: 3/17/2018

Bro. Travis Simpkins had a little fun with "John Wayne Week" at my expense.  Look closely.
Everybody has really enjoyed "John Wayne Week!"  Thank you all for the emails, and suggestions for future John Wayne pieces.  I even heard from the John Wayne estate this week!  So in case you missed it, on Tuesday, I posted an article called You Never Know Where You Might Meet A Brother that talked about a trip Valerie and I took to Warner Brothers Studio back in 2005 (or 2006?).  And on Thursday, I posted an old favorite called The Duke's Favorite Co-Star--it might surprise you who that actually was.

Those of you that have enjoyed John Wayne week will be happy to hear that I've decided to extend it another entire week!  Next week, I have two great pieces lined up for you.  On Tuesday, I have a heartwarming story about John Wayne entitled "Daddy Duke."  And on Thursday, I'm posting "The Duke" which is a reprint of the chapter in my first book I wrote about John Wayne--in fact, it was the first chapter I wrote in my two volume series!

Coming up over the next few weeks, you'll start seeing a lot about our Scotland & England trip.  Greg Knott from the Midnight Freemasons and I will be taking part in a 10 day excursion to Scotland and England this fall.  It's a once in a lifetime trip designed just for Freemasons!  We will be seeing a lot of historic places, and visiting many places with long Masonic ties.  In fact, we will be visiting both the Grand Lodge of Scotland AND the United Grand Lodge of England along with many, many other trip highlights.  See the flier below.  For more information about the trip, you can visit or contact Todd Hitt at the number on the flier.  There is limited space available for the tour, so avoid future regret by booking your trip with us early.

Enjoy your week!

~Todd E. Creason

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