Saturday, March 10, 2018

Week in Review: 3/10/17

Midnight Freemason Greg Knott and Valerie Creason looking through all the Royal Arch treasurers
Many of my regular readers here and on the Midnight Freemasons know we have a new Royal Arch Chapter in my part of the world--Admiration Chapter No. 282 (IL).  We were just chartered a few months ago--the end of a three year process.  We have a lot of members, but very little of the "stuff" we need.  That includes jewels, and all the various things we need to do degree work--we've been borrowing and hauling all these items every time we do degree work.  WB Greg Knott took a road trip last week, and he visited a chapter that had recently closed.  He brought back an entire truckload of Royal Arch regalia for Admiration Chapter.  We now have it all, including costumes!  We had a chance to use some of our new (used) stuff on Wednesday when Admiration conferred the 6th and 7th degrees!  Very grateful to the Grand Chapter of Illinois for making these items available to us, and to Greg for going and getting it.
Midnight Freemason Darin Lahners seemed very fond of the blonde wig--still not as creepy as the voice he used while wearing it.
Busy week on the "From Labor To Refreshment" blog.  On Tuesday, I posted an oldie but goodie "Pitfalls of Being Master."  That's a very funny piece in case you missed it.  And it's a total lie.  On Thursday, I commemorated the 35th anniversary of one of Ronald Reagan's most famous speeches with a special post "Reagan's Evil Empire Speech."

Next week is John Wayne week!  No reason in particular, I just like Bro. John Wayne, and I've written a lot about him in the past.  Thought I'd share a couple from back in 2012--which I believe was the last time I had "John Wayne Week."  Time flies.  This Tuesday, be sure and read "You Never Know Where You Might Meet A Brother" and on Thursday, another great piece "The Duke's Favorite Co-Star."  Both of those are pretty entertaining.

By the way, if you enjoy John Wayne, I wrote one recently on the Midnight Freemasons you may enjoy "Brother John Wayne On Political Discourse."  Be sure and check that one out as well!

Enjoy your week!

~Todd E. Creason

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