Saturday, February 24, 2018

Week In Review 2/24/18

Masons and Boy Scouts enjoy some pizza in the dining room on a memorable night.

What a busy week . . .

We had a great meeting at Homer Lodge No. 199 on Monday Night.  As part of our monthly education program, we invited the local Boy Scouts to join us for some pizza, followed by a presentation by Midnight Freemasons contributor Darin Lahners about Freemasonry and Scouting, and then tour of the building and museum.  It was a fun and memorable night for all of us, and we all learned something as well.  And it went right along with Scouting month.  This is the kind of thing we do each month at Homer Lodge No. 199--we keep our business meetings short and to the point and start with education every month.  Either a speech, a presentation, a special guest, a discussion on a topic of interest . . . education has helped us bring this lodge back to life. 

In case you missed them last week, I posted a couple of my past hits.  On Tuesday, I offered "Freemasons On The Move" which I got a lot of email about.  On Thursday, kind of an interesting piece called "Joe Creason's Kentucky."  I did get a few responses to that piece from the Commonwealth of Kentucky--I guess there are still a lot of people that remember Joe Creason in Kentucky.  Thanks for all the emails an messages.

Next week, on Tuesday, I've got a great piece called "The Masonic Conspiracy Behind Rolling Rock Beer."  Be sure and check that one out--the truth is finally revealed.  And on Thursday, one of my favorite pieces from way back in 2011 called "Freemasons And Their Hats."  I wrote that not long after I was installed Worshipful Master (the first time).

I'll be at Normal Lodge No. 673 (IL) on Monday Night (February 26th).  I've been invited to come and present an education piece , and I'll be talking about Mentorship.  If you're in the area, the meeting is open to Master Masons.  I think it starts at 7. 

~Todd E. Creason

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