Saturday, February 17, 2018

Week In Review 2/16/18

Good dog, you found it!  Bad dog, you chewed it all up!
Pretty quiet week.  I lost my Fitbit last weekend, but when I was home sick on Tuesday, my chocolate lab Daisy found it in the yard--and chewed it into tiny pieces.  That's how she rolls.  I find something.  I chew it up.  So I have a new Fitbit!

I have finished the first two chapters of the new book (still untitled) including photos!  My photographer Greg Knott was in Washington D.C. last week collecting a few more photographs for the project (and attending Masonic Week).  So it's rolling right along.  I think there will be 30-40 sections in total.

In case you missed the posts this week, on Tuesday, I put on a Valentine's Day piece many of you as Masons will be able to relate to.  And Thursday's piece got a lot of attention, too.  It is called "Brotherly Love Behind the Wheel" and reminds us that when we represent ourselves as Masons to the world, like on the bumper of our car for instance, we should always be on our best behavior. 

Be sure and check out the Tuesday and Thursday posts next week, too! On Tuesday, I have a piece going up called "Freemasons On The Move" I think you'll enjoy.  And on Thursday, a piece called "Joe Creason's Kentucky"  Joe Creason was a well-known syndicated columnist in Kentucky, and I'm often asked if we are related.  He was a pretty interesting guy.

And I've updated the "News" tabs--be sure and check out my upcoming dates.

~Todd E. Creason

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