Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day M.I.A.

"My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me."

~Winston Churchill
Studholme Lodge No. 1591, England

When I petitioned my Lodge back in 2004, my wife was concerned about the amount of time I might be spending there.  I told her exactly what I'd been told--it's basically one meeting a month, and the occasional pancake breakfast.  Five years later I was Master of that Lodge and an award winning Masonic researcher and writer of two books by that time.  And don't forget the blog I'd started that was just taking root called The Midnight Freemason--I named it that because I used to stay up half the night writing up pieces for it.  Of course I've added a second Lodge to that to which I'm currently Master, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shrine, Allied Masonic Degrees, etc. 

As I return from a five day trip to Washington D.C. for Masonic Week and realized today was Valentine's Day, I was reminded of just how much patience she's had over these last twelve years when it comes to the time I spend on the Craft.  And, by the way, that was my second "Masonic" trip this year--in June three of us from my Lodge drove to Washington D.C. with a memorable stop-over in Gettysburg, PA.

To say I've spent a lot more time being a Freemason than I thought I would in the beginning would be an understatement.  I didn't realize the impact my decision to join a "men's fraternity" would have on my life.  In fact, it has changed both of our lives . . . for the better!   I've become a better man, and my wife has wound up with a lot better husband than the one she married.  And she knows how important it is to me.  When I spend hours researching and writing, traveling, attending meetings, etc., she's been nothing but supportive.  And many times she's joined me on these trips, along with my youngest daughter.

So I hope all you Masons out there remember your wives today for Valentine's Day.  Remembered how much we owe them for allowing us the time to be involved with the Fraternity, and lavished them with gifts.  Without their support, we couldn't do all the things we do.  And we also have to be honest in admitting that Freemasonry is a lot more rewarding for us, than it is for them.

So think about that a little bit.  If you didn't do as good a job saying thank you on Valentine's Day, it's never too late to pick something up for her, or to take her out to a fine meal at her favorite restaurant.

I'll never forget what one of our member's wives told me not long after I joined.  She told me, "not all Masonic Widows have buried their husbands.  We just don't see them very much!"

~Todd E. Creason

I wrote this piece last year, but I did notice that tomorrow evening (Valentine's Day 2018) is my lodge's regularly stated meeting.  I guess I haven't learned very much since last year. 

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