Saturday, January 27, 2018

Blog Plans For 2018

Todd and his new writing partner Daisy
I thought bringing the readership back to this sadly neglected blog was going to be a major struggle this year, but in just over a month of posting regularly, you've all come back (and then some)!  Thank you!  Now that you've rejoined me, we'll work on building on that--maybe even some new features!

I'll be posting every Tuesday and Thursday (with the occasional weekend post I'd imagine).  The content will be a mix of new and old, on a variety of topics but primarily Freemasonry, History, and Life in general--why change a formula that has worked so well for me for over a decade now.

I do plan on pulling out some great pieces from the past--so many of you joined us later on and may have missed a lot of those.  Great pieces that just didn't get a lot of attention when I originally posted them because I didn't have a lot of readers in those early years.  And don't forget you can search this blog for keywords.  There are literally hundred and hundreds and hundreds of pieces on here--and yes, if you find something interesting you'd like to share it with your Lodge, or in your newsletter, or as part of a presentation, etc., you're more than welcome to do so (just be sure and cite the source).

There will also be a book in 2018--actually it's a collection of blog posts, presentations, and speeches I've written over the last ten or twelve years, and it will feature the photography of Midnight Freemasons Senior Contributor (and my good friend) Gregory Knott.  I'm hoping it will be a good resource for Lodge education officers looking for short presentation pieces for their meetings.

And you'll still find me about twice a month over at the Midnight Freemasons blog.  

Shaping up to be quite a year, so thanks for coming back--be sure and check here on Tuesdays and Thursday.  It's hard telling what you'll find here.

Also feel free to post comments or contact me at  Sometimes I even answer my email.  

~Todd E. Creason, 33°

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