Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Unchanging Light of Freemasonry

Bannack State Park, Montana-- Historic Masonic Lodge
I added an old book on Freemasonry to my collection over the weekend, and I was thumbing through it.  It was from the turn of the last century, and it was collection of essays on Freemasonry written by some of the fraternity's leading Masonic researchers and scholars of that time.  I use these old books a lot when I research ideas for an article or a blog post.  My wife asked me one time why I'd use such old books in my research.  "Aren't those books a little outdated?"

No, they are not.  Very little changes in Freemasonry.

There's something comforting in knowing you are part of a fraternity whose values and morals remain the same in an ever changing world--that the same values that George Washington held in high regard are still valued today by that same group of men.  Some might argue that the fraternity is outdated.  I disagree.  There are some time-honored tenets that do not change over time.  How we should represent ourselves to the world does not change.  How we should treat others.  Honesty and integrity are rare today, but still valued amongst Masons.  The hallmarks of good character have not changed over time.  How to harness and put our talents and skills to their best use hasn't changed over time.  That desire to improve ourselves--to learn from our mistakes and constantly strive to become better men has remained important to men for centuries.

Those things will never become outdated, and the further society drifts from these core fundamental principles, the more men will seek them out within the walls of a Masonic Lodge.

~Todd E. Creason

originally published 11/4/14

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