Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Scripture: Luke 1:37

There is no question that very often, as individuals, we underestimate what we're capable of doing.  I do it many times myself, especially in those situations when I'm transitioning between the level I'm on, and the next level up.  There's that one moment when I'm looking at a new challenge that seems very large and very difficult and I doubt myself.  It's natural and it's normal.

We often do the same thing with God.  We don't always truly believe He is going to help us during these moments of self doubt, so we have a tendency to try and do things ourselves, and not bother God with little things--He is very busy, after all, running the universe.  He probably has better things to do than help you get through a PowerPoint demonstration during a staff meeting, right?

But there is nothing too big for God to help you with, and there is nothing too small.  When we need help, big or small, the very first thing we should do is ask God for help.  It shouldn't be our last resort.  He doesn't mind--just remember to thank Him afterwards.

~Todd E. Creason

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