Thursday, July 13, 2017

Out Making New Friends With Daisy

I have this little brown dog named Daisy.  She's a chocolate lab, and actually, she's not so little anymore.  She loves few things more than car rides--we run errands together, and she's allowed into most of the places I go.  Except the gas station.  She's not allowed in the gas station because she got caught shoplifting.  She stole a bag of peanuts--snatched them off a peg and ate them right there in the aisle.

So now when I go into the gas station for coffee, or a soda, or a newspaper . . . she has to stay in the car.  She's very friendly, and without question, very cute.  People just can't seem to resist her.  More often than not, when I come out, I discover Daisy has made a new friend.  A kid on a bicycle.  A teenage girl.  A group on their way to a church camp.  A couple weeks ago when I came out, this nice older woman was sharing a cake donut with Daisy. 

Last week, I came out and as usual she'd made a new friend--a guy that was about the size of the incredible hulk.  He made me a little nervous at first, but as it turns out, he was friendly enough.  I answered all the typical dog questions.  How old is she?  Where did you get her?  She nervous around loud noises?

And then he says, "I see you've traveled some."  I glanced as his vehicle and noticed a slightly different version of the same symbol on his bumper that I have on mine.  He was a Mason.  From a couple states away.  I mentioned a couple names I knew from Ohio.  No connection.  He did the same for Illinois, and those names didn't do much for me either.

Then he mentions that as he's driving to Colorado, he's been catching up on listening to a few episodes of the Whence Came You? podcast he'd missed.  He knew that podcast guy, Robert Johnson, was from Illinois.  I told him I knew him!  I asked him if he'd ever heard of The Midnight Freemasons.  He had.  Not only because of the Whence Came You? podcast, but because he was a regular reader--listed off three or four names of his favorite contributors, including mine.  Apparently, he'd been reading the blog for a long time.  It's a small world without a doubt, and sometimes I forget what a long reach our Midnight Freemasons blog has in the even smaller world of Freemasonry. 

Facebook is nice, but there are many ways to meet new friends.  I've made quite a few new friends lately because of a little brown dog that steals peanuts.

~Todd E. Creason

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