Tuesday, May 2, 2017

So Much Anger In The World Today

I've never seen so much anger in the world as there is today.  I'm very fortunate that life has taught me to understand that there are things that I can control, and there are things I can't control.  I work to change the things I can control, and I work to accept the things I can't (and that's not always easy to do).

But I think the thing that bothers me the most about our society today is the lack of toleration we show to each other.  I love history, and I love politics.  Up until just a few years ago, you could talk politics with people without it ending with name calling, and accusations that people that disagree with you have a mental illness.  Eventually, what will happen is that one party or the other, driven by anger and frustration, will allow their inflexible ideology to go so far to the left or to the right that they will inevitably destroy themselves.  I think we're seeing some signs of that trend now, and what won't be good for anyone is a one party system, or even a system where one party is greatly dominant.  In world history, this has happened too many times to count.  Great nations fall when they forget the things that made them great to begin with.  And one thing that has made American great is our noisy and adversarial political system.  That is the way it was designed to be.  Our laws based on that middle ground that both political parties fundamentally agree on.  And those things we all agree on still do still exist.  We just can stop yelling at each other.

One of our greatest weaknesses today is we seem to have drifted away from the values that have made our country great.  Listening to each other.  Respecting each other.  Valuing opinions even if they disagree with our own--this has gotten so bad that some college campuses are allowing the censorship of free speech.  Civility is almost non-existent today.  We can't even talk to each other.  We can't even agree that we agree on what we agree on. 

We need to get back to showing respect for each other.  Get back to listening to each other.  Get back to being more kind to one another.  Stop yelling and start listening.  Stop seeing where we differ, and start realizing where we are the same.  If we don't, we will destroy ourselves like so many great societies have in the past. 

~Todd E. Creason

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