Thursday, April 6, 2017

Masonic Membership Is Not A Secret!

Ever since I've been doing the Masonic blogs (about ten years now) I've been doing a recurring series called "Freemason Or Not?"  I think there are about thirty of those now--you'll find them all over at the Midnight Freemasons.  In those pieces, I'll find somebody from history and ask the question "is he a Freemason or not?"  Then I do a short profile, and finally I answer the question.  Sometimes the person I'm features IS a Freemason, and sometimes he IS NOT a Freemason.  My readers enjoy that series, which is why I've done it for so long.  Sometimes I've thrown some humor into those pieces--I did one on Yoda a few years ago.  I also did one on Fred Flinstone.  If you want to know if Yoda or Fred Flinstone were members of the Craft, you'll just have to go check that out yourself.

But when I say somebody like Mitt Romney or Ronald Reagan IS NOT a Freemason, I always encounter those individuals that say "well, he probably is a Freemason, but he's keeping it a secret."  Like it's a big conspiracy.  I haven't published one of those pieces in awhile, but I get at least one of these emails or comments on the blog every week.

I'm going to say this one more time.  Membership is not a secret.  I've written two books called "Famous American Freemasons" where I profiled famous men who were Freemasons.  I written hundreds of pieces ABOUT famous Freemasons.  In all these years, and all my studies, I have never once found one occasion where somebody kept their Masonic membership a secret.  Not once.  And I'll tell you another thing--if a famous person is a Freemason, or joins our Fraternity (like Shaq for instance) it is a celebrated event in the Fraternity, and there is no secret about it--you'll find an announcement on every Masonic website around the world!

Now being a member of the Craft is more important to some than others--that includes celebrities.  Some Masons don't wear rings.  Some don't have their bumpers covered with Masonic emblems.  This doesn't mean they are keeping their membership a secret.  I'm a member of the American Legion (and the Sons of the American Legion), but I'd be willing to bet not very many of my friends would know that.  I joined twenty some years ago, I was active for awhile, and then I got busy with life, and later, with the Freemasons.  I haven't been to a meeting in a decade, but I pay my dues every year, because I believe in the work the organization does. 

But just because I don't wear an America Legion hat, or have a bumper sticker on my car certainly doesn't mean I'm keeping my membership a secret.  

~Todd E. Creason

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