Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Things To Do Instead Of Facebook: #13 Leave Your Phone At Home

I know what you're thinking--now he's talking crazy talk!  Believe it or not, there was a time when people used to leave the house without a phone.  And they lived!  They didn't need their phone to tell them if they needed to wear a jacket in the morning--they'd look outside to see what the weather was like!  They didn't walk into sign posts, or wander out into traffic.  They were actually able to live without earbuds!  Try it!  Leave your phone at home.  Spend a day in the real world.  Go one day without sending or receiving a text message, without checking Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc.  Go a whole day without walking into the back of a bus, or texting the person you're sitting across from at lunch.  Go a day without being honked at a green light because you're texting and driving.

Take a walk, think deep thoughts, discover things you hadn't noticed before . . . like it's Autumn for instance.


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