Saturday, October 8, 2016

Things To Do Instead Of Facebook: #10 Get A Loving Dog

Todd E. Creason's sweet German shepherd mix, 12-year-old Roxanne*
Dogs can bring a lot of love, joy and happiness to a household.  They are always happy when you get home.  They are affectionate*.  They enjoy any attention you give them and enjoy doing what you enjoy doing--they just want to be involved.  Millions of these loving animals are in shelters today, just looking for a kind person to give them a forever home.  Isn't it time you thought about a dog?

~Todd E. Creason

*Some breeds are more affectionate than others.  And some breeds show affection by snarling at you and biting the crap out of your legs when you forget to feed them, chewing up your shoes, dropping your underwear in the toilet, etc.  Actually, cats are good, too.

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