Thursday, July 7, 2016

Masonic Treasures: Strike Up The Band!

Like many Masons, I have the tendency to collect.  Can't pass up a chance to buy something Masonic when I run across it in a flea market, an antique store, or a garage sale.  And my father is an antique picker from way back--every time he finds something Masonic, guess where it winds up . . . I have a man cave brimming over with "precious artifacts" that aren't really worth very much.  Fortunately, I have an overflow room now--we have a museum in my Lodge, and a lot of the more interesting items with a local connection wind up there.  The fun part for me is finding unique items that tell a story.  Like these items my dad found last week.

He thought they were signs of some kind--of course he wasn't a band geek in high school like I was.  I knew what they were right off.  They are drum heads, and the Grotto was local.  I didn't know they'd ever had a marching band.  I put this picture up on Facebook, and within a few hours, I had a lot more information.  It wasn't a marching band, the Gao Grotto had a parade drum corps for many years.  In fact, one of the notes was from a friend of mine since grade school--his grandfather was a Gao Grotto Cavalier! 

There were three of these--I kept one for my collection, gave one to a friend, and you'll find one on display in the Homer Temple Museum (IL).  They really are interesting, and look great displayed on the wall at the museum--and I learned a little something about local Masonic history that I'll be able to pass on. 

That's the fun part of collecting this . . . well, my wife has a term for it.  Let's just continue to call these items Masonic treasures.

~Todd E. Creason

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