Monday, March 21, 2016

On The Road: Pekin RAM No. 25 (IL)

Greg Knott and Todd Creason heading West . . .
Had the great privilege Saturday to attend the 160th Anniversary and Rededication of Pekin Chapter No. 25 or the Royal Arch (IL).  Fellow Midnight Freemason WB Greg Knott went with me along with my youngest daughter Katie.  It's about a two hour drive, but it's always worth it.  Pekin has a great draw--Chef Charles Robertson.  He put out a four course meal to celebrate the occasion that was out of this world (not the first time I've enjoyed a meal there).  The Grand Chapter Officers all attended the event, including my good friend The Most Excellent Grand High Priest of Illinois Sean McBride.  
Hussey (left) and Creason (right) with Illinois MEGHP Sean McBride in the foreground
The dinner got pretty entertaining at times--I was introduced by none other than the Past Most Excellent Grand High Priest William J. Hussey.  We have a very long history of creating a certain level of havoc wherever we go.  It's not often we land in the same place--that's usually something planners of events try to avoid. 
Pekin RAM Chapter No. 25 Charter
It's always good to commemorate occasions like that--not only to celebrate what's been accomplished in the past, but also to restate our purposes going forward.  As I said at the dinner Saturday night, the most important generation in any Masonic body aren't the ones the came before us, it's the members serving right now.  They have the torch, and it's their job to ensure that torch gets passed on to another generation.  And Pekin Chapter No. 25 is a very good example of a Masonic body that is doing all the right things.

Congratulations Pekin!

~Todd E. Creason

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  1. Perhaps this note is going to the same place as the question about Pekin Lodge No 29. My husband had an ancestor named Thomas Justin Edwards who lived in Rosefield Township, Peoria County. The Peoria Journal in Dec 1878 mentions a T J Edwards who was also R.A.C. of the Pekin Chapter 25 of the R A M. Would you happen to have some type of brief bio or other information about officers way back then? That seems a long way to travel for regular meetings.


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