Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Living Happy: Introduction

When I hung up the phone late the other evening I got the idea to write this series.  I don't mean to brag, but I find myself in the role of life coach, counselor and adviser more often than you might think--I'm an accountant after all.  When my friends have a problem, I always get the call.  I always have, going back to high school and before.  Considering I've always been something of a clown, that's pretty remarkable that I'm the guy people go to when they have a serious problem or need help.

Part of the reason is that I've been through a good deal of turmoil in my life--I've weathered some very trying times.  People know I have experience in dealing with divorce, and dealing with loss, and rebuilding a life after losing it all.  I've made some monstrous mistakes in life, but lots of people do.  Everyone at one point or another deals with relationship issues, loss of a loved one, pain, disappointment, failure . . . but perhaps the reason my phone rings is that I've gone through all those things (so far) and never lost my sense of humor or my passion for life.

I learned how to be happy a long time ago, so I thought perhaps it was time to share my secrets--and I know they work, because through it all I've been a very happy man for pushing five decades now!  These little tips aren't complicated--over the next few weeks, I'm going to spell it all out for you. These are some of the things I find myself repeating a lot when I'm helping somebody through a tough time.  I think if you try a few of these you'll discover, as some of those individuals that have called me over the years have, that I actually know what I'm talking about. 

Be happy!

~Todd E. Creason

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