Friday, February 12, 2016

Living Happy #3: Bloom Where You're Planted

Somewhere out there right now, there is somebody with a lot less than you have who is happier than you are.  And somewhere out there right now, there is somebody with a lot more than you have who is miserable.

Happiness is about how we see our world.  More often than not, happiness doesn't have as much to do with the reality of where we actually are, but how we perceive where we are.  We have a bad habit at times of imagining the way we'd like our life to be, and so we're never satisfied with what we have.  And we have a twisted perception about what it takes to be happy.  It takes surprising little.  Happiness is not material--it's an emotional state.  Things don't make us happy--we make ourselves happy.  It's a decision you have the power to make.  I'm going to be happy.  I'm going to have a great day.

We put too much emphasis on material things in our society.  We've been convinced that we have to have all this stuff to be happy.  It's not true.  You have to accept the possibility that you may have right now all you're ever going to have--if that's the case are you going to be unhappy for the rest of your life?  Look around you at the things you have and take an inventory.  Is it really that bad?  You probably have a lot more than you think--like all of us, you have more than some, and less than others. 

But if you're determined to be more prosperous, your circumstances are never going to change until your attitude about where you are does.  You can't build a different future if you feel hopeless about your present reality.  Dreams are great things to have, but they don't happen very often without a solid plan based on the facts.  And the facts are rooted in the here and now.  In order to get to that next level, you must bloom in the place you're planted. 

We're always looking for the things we need to make us happy way off in the distance, when very often, everything we really need in our lives has been right there within our reach the entire time.  It's our friends and family.  It's our hobbies.  It's reading a good book, or enjoying a cup of tea on the balcony first thing in the morning.  It's spending time doing things we enjoy.  It's easier to be happy--it's a more natural state.  It takes a lot more effort to stay unhappy. 

Happiness is inside us--it's a natural part of the human condition.  It's not money, or a bigger house, or a new car.  Sometimes we think that's what happiness is, but we don't really desire success as much as we just want to be happy.  And we can do that right now.  If you can be happy right now, right where you are, perhaps you'll realize that dream of a more abundant life in a big house on the beach isn't really as important as you originally thought it was. 

~Todd E. Creason

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