Friday, February 26, 2016

Living Happy #15: Get Ticked Off From Time To Time

Don't be a doormat.  We live in a society today that for some reason believes that as soon as somebody gets emotional or angry they are automatically wrong.  So we try very hard never to show it when something ticks us off.  We repress it.  We make excuses for it.  We learn to live with it.  We let people get away with treating us badly because we certainly don't want to be viewed as being sensitive.

I got news for you.  We're all human beings, and human emotion is very much a natural part of that.  Suppressing those emotions is what's not natural.  It is perfectly normal to show emotion--regardless of the nonsense we're teaching our children in schools today and are promoting in our workplaces.  On one side of the spectrum we're all against bullying, but at the same time, we're not teaching the kids to stand up for themselves when they are inevitably bullied?  To defend themselves?  In fact, we're teaching them not to?  Repressing those feelings is unhealthy.  It might just be part of the reason so many Americans today suffer from anxiety disorders, and why anti-anxiety medications are taken by millions of Americans today.  

Stand up for yourself.  Teach your children to stand up.  If somebody is treating you disrespectfully, you have every right to unleash the flying monkeys.  You can't be happy if you're a doormat.  Don't let people push you around.  Don't let people intimidate you.  Don't let people treat you with anything less than the respect you deserve.  Stand up for yourself.  Say something.  Get ticked off once in awhile. 

~Todd E. Creason

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