Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Living Happy #12: Say Yes!

There are so many opportunities in this world to explore, if only we allowed ourselves to do so.  We get stuck in a rut.  We get into a comfort zone, and we really don't want to reach beyond it.  Sometimes we're just afraid to try something new, or to walk into an environment we aren't familiar with and don't know anybody. It's a natural reaction.  The problem is, we miss a lot that life has to offer when we stay in that comfort zone and don't go out into the world and explore what there is to find.

About three years ago I was asked to do something that scared me half to death.  I was asked to officiate a wedding.  My immediate response was no--actually it was hell no!  But I was friends of the family.  I'd known the bride since she was little, and she wanted me to do it.  So I agreed.  I even wrote the ceremony.  But right up to the moment the wedding began I kept thinking, "what the hell are you doing?  You're not a minister!  Why did you agree to do this?"  But the music started, and about the time the bride appeared at the end of the aisle I knew this would be something that I would never forget--nor would they.  It was an amazing experience.  I am so happy I said yes.  Even as terrified as I was the first time around, I've officiated a few weddings since!  Officiating for me is like a roller coaster--you're a little scared while you're doing it, but afterwards you're left feeling exhilarated. 

I've always been happy, even through challenging times, but I've never been this happy.  I got here by saying yes.  By doing things that scared me.  By taking a leap of faith and building a new life that is completely different from my previous life.  There's a lot out there in the world if you're willing to go looking for it.  Trying something new for the first time will always be a little scary at first, but you'll be better for it.  And when you are asked to do something, or be part of something, unless there's a good reason you can't, you should always be willing to say yes. Even if it scares you a little bit.

~Todd E. Creason

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