Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Daily Reminder To Work On The Internal

Masonic ring collectors often get this same look on their face when they find a good one . . .
So I was looking for that one thing I could give up during Lent that would help remind me daily of what it was I wished to accomplish during that time.  I figured out on Tuesday night what I was going to do without over the next six weeks, and was I ever reminded yesterday.  Several times!  I decided not to wear any rings until after Easter.  That's a pretty tough challenge for a Mason--especially one like me that's worn a ring every day since I joined the Fraternity.  I'm without question a bling addict especially when it comes to antique rings.  I've written numerous articles about Masonic rings, including one with Brian Schimian on the Midnight Freemasons that went everywhere-- you can read that one here.  The only thing I enjoy more than running across that rare find in an antique store or flea market, is wearing it.  My wife claims there are two things you rarely see on this Earth--a truthful politician, and me without a Mason ring.

I was reminded when I automatically went to put one on yesterday morning.  I was reminded a dozen times yesterday when suddenly, in a panic, I'd realize my ring was gone.  I feel naked without them, and I'm sure that will be compounded over the next six weeks or so when I attend Masonic events on my calendar without wearing that "uniform" of a Mason that includes the ring--and one of those events is my Valley's Spring Scottish Rite Reunion (and that's one of those events when you pull out all the bling).

But I think it was a good choice--a daily reminder for me to work on the internal rather than what is displayed on the external.  I was thinking about doing without lapel pins as well, but after breaking out in a cold sweat as I contemplated it, I realized that might be a bridge too far.  Baby steps, right?


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