Monday, January 12, 2015

The Master's Lectures: Morality

I ran across a most remarkable book in my collection some weeks ago.  It was a book I didn't pay much attention to when it was given to me by a member of Evans Lodge.  It is a collection of twelve lectures given by the Worshipful Master of Evans Lodge No. 524 A.F. & A.M. Illinois in 1923. Each lecture is on a particular topic, and is a collection of wisdom compiled from Masonic authors, philosophers, and writers of that era.  

Each lecture is composed of ten or twenty short sections like the one I transcribed below, and Worshipful Master Norman B. Hickox's commentary helped tie each lecture together.  It is truly a remarkable book.  I thought I'd share a few short sections of these remarkable lectures over the next few weeks with the hopes you'll find them as interesting and thought provoking as I do.  Enjoy!  ~TEC
"What is the purpose for which Freemasonry exists?  What does it seek to do?  In common with all other human institutions, its ultimate purpose is the perfection of humanity.  But its immediate purpose is to organize the universal moral sentiments of mankind.
Freemasonry is the subjugation of the human that is in the man, by the Divine; the conquest of the appetites and passions by the moral sense and the reason; a continual effort, struggle and warfare of the spiritual against the material and sensual.  That Victory--when it has be achieved and secured, and the conqueror may rest up his shield and wear the well-earned laurels--is the true Holy Empire."


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