Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Freemason's Prayer

Architect Supreme, bend me to Thy will.
Draw Thy plans on the trestle-board of my heart, and commit to me Thy builder's wisdom.
Shape Thou the structure of my life into a temple of character--a fortress of manhood--a stronghold of justice.
Lead me in the paths of truth, O Grand Master of the Universe, that my thoughts and deeds may bring honor to Thy cause.
Teach me that charity which endureth all things, and temper my passion in Thy holy fire.
Circumscribe and keep me within Thy laws, and when it is appointed for me to judge, let me cleave to the plumb-line of Thy divine righteousness.
Grand me fortitude to bear my sufferings by myself, and when my travels are ended take Thou this rough ashlar of mortality unto Thy kingdom of Eternal Light.
Amen. So mote it be.
~Author Unknown

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