Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Photos: A Few Of My Friends

Me and fellow Midnight Freemason Judy Gordon hamming it up at Grand Lodge of Illinois Convocation (2014)
"If they quit having fun, they'll stop coming."

~Denver Phelps
AAGM & Past Master (IL)
The holidays are a busy time of the year, and sadly, I didn't have anything prepared this morning, so I thought I'd post a few photos I had on my phone.  I talk a lot on here, and the Midnight Freemasons talk a lot on that blog, about the more serious aspects of the Fraternity.  However, there is a lighter side as well as these few photographs show.  I've been fortunate to have made many great friends in the fraternity, and it's not all serious and somber--there's a great deal of fellowship and fun as well.  Many of these feature my good friend William J. Hussey our Illinois Royal Arch Most Excellent Grand High Priest.  He takes most of the credit for my success as a Masonic writer and scholar, however, I would point out that when I met Bill, he was merely "Illustrious" and not "Most Excellent." 

MEGHP William J. Hussey (in red) adding my name to the expulsion list as I roast him at a dinner in his honor.

You can kind of tell he's plotting his revenge . . .
That's me and the Illustrious L. Scott Niccum (also a Midnight Freemason) clowning around at the Scottish Rite Valley of Danville Reunion (2012)
That's me and the MEGHP William J. Hussey again--he's trying to take my dues card. 
Me and my friend Daniel Hussey enjoying the hospitality suite in Bloomington, IL
Midnight Freemasons Greg Knott, Judy Gordon, and me in Bloomington, IL.
Whole bunch of Midnight Freemasons enjoying lunch at Steak and Shake in 2013 L to R: Scott Niccum, Michael Shirley, some random guy from England, Judy Gordon, Steve Harrison, Robert Johnson, and Todd Creason.

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