Thursday, October 30, 2014

Freemason Wisdom: Benjamin Franklin On Critics

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and 
complain and most fools do."

~Brother Benjamin Franklin

As you can imagine, as a writer I'm not unaccustomed to harsh criticism.  I get quite a bit of it.  I don't mind fair criticism of my work, but it's the unfair criticism I get on occasion that sometimes gets to me.  For example, I got into a political discussion a few days ago on Facebook.  I enjoy a good debate--not screaming and yelling, but making points and counterpoints, and discussing facts.  I didn't know the person I was debating with, but needless to say, he didn't agree with my position, and was unable to make his own position clear.  So he googled me, gathered some information (most of it incorrect), then engaged in a personal attack based on what he perceived as my lack of education and accomplishments.  He also questioned my morals and character.  He even called me an "empty narcissist."  All because I disagreed with him politically, and he couldn't make his point.  I should know better than to be ticked off by someone like that, but I was.  I even googled his name to find out who he was exactly.  I figured he must be a very accomplished man to be so harsh in his criticisms of the things I'd done.

Do you know what I found?  NOTHING.  Not one single thing about him.

I really wasn't surprised.  That's very often the case.  It's easy to criticize the things other people do.  It's much harder to actually do things.  It's always been easier to destroy than to build.  Remember that when somebody criticizes you.  There's no sense in getting upset about it.  Their criticism about you says a lot more about them than it does about you.  People like that are their own worse enemy.  They'll most likely never know the joy of building something where nothing existed before.


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