Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Writing Inspiration Behind "Old Blue"

This 1960 Ford F-100 is very close to what Old Blue would look like--except
I always pictured Old Blue as a step side.
Now that my new novel Shot To Hell has been released, it's hard to believe I've finally finished the Twin Rivers series.  It's seems like Levi and Tori Garvey have been with me forever, but in truth, they didn't exist before 2009--the story has been with me for a long time, but the characters I finally created to tell that story haven't.

People often ask me where I got the ideas for the small town of Twin Rivers and the characters.  In truth they come from everywhere.  Old Blue for instance--Levi's 1960 F-100 pick-up.  I don't own one, and I never have.  The idea came from a gift my eldest daughter gave me for my 40th birthday.  She asked me what I wanted and I told her, "a new truck!"  I got one, but it wasn't what I expected.  She bought a little wooden model truck, put it together, and painted it blue.

It's the honest truth--this is Old Blue.  This was the original idea for Levi Garvey's iconic blue Ford pickup. 
The original Old Blue--a gag birthday gift from my daughter Jaclyn.
Everything else I know about those trucks came from a guy I met at a car show back in 2010.  He had a 1960 Ford F-100, and told me everything I ever needed to know about that particular model.  More than enough details to last me all three novels, including quite a bit I never used--like for instance, that Lee Iococca was in charge of the truck division at Ford when this particular truck was designed.  I never worked that piece of trivia in.
Oddly enough, that truck collector that spent so much time with me and educated me about old antique trucks was wearing a Panama hat--just in case you're wondering where Levi Garvey's hat came from.
So as you're reading the new novel, now you'll know where at least two of my ideas came from.  And be sure to read the first two--One Last Shot and A Shot After Midnight (in that order).  Both of those are available in paperback, and in both Nook and Kindle formats. 


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