Thursday, August 21, 2014

Masonic Radio Theatre?

Here it comes--Masonic Radio Theatre!  You know, the thing with working with creative people is that you just never know what they are going to come up with--and when those creative people are Freemasons, they can be incredibly industrious in doing so.

So Robert Johnson got a great idea.  His plan was to create an old-time radio show for Robert Johnson's Whence Came You podcast--it will even have old-time (but very real) radio ads featured on the show.  The first show was written by Midnight Freemason Bill Hosler, and the various parts will be played by Midnight Freemasons--including me!  And Robert even got Fraternal Ties to design the logo!

Of course, modern technology comes into play.  Unlike those radio shows performed in the studio decades ago, each of the players in this drama will record their parts individually, and those parts, along with sound effects, will be pieced together through the magic of Robert Johnson's studio.

So keep an eye out for it--it should be fun.  Who knows, it may very well become its own "thing" instead of just a feature on the WCY podcast.  We've certainly got a lot of talent on it.


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