Saturday, July 5, 2014

Olivia de Havilland: Birthday Movie Trivia

As most people have probably figured out, I'm a huge old cinema fan, but I was a little surprised this week to learn that Olivia De Havilland isn't only still living, but celebrated her 98th birthday this week.  So happy birthday to this two-time Oscar winner actress!  Of course her most memorable role and the one she is so often associated with, was her role as Melanie in Gone With the Wind back in 1939, but she's had a long career on film. 
President George W. Bush and Olivia de Havilland in 2008
So to celebrate Olivia's birthday, here's a little movie trivia for you that involves a movie she starred in.  Something that I ran across and thought was pretty interesting when I was researching Famous American Freemasons: Volume II back in 2008. 
Lovely Maid Marian (de Havilland) riding palamino White Cloud
In 1938, Olivia starred with Errol Flynn in the Adventures of Robin Hood and in the film, she rode a beautiful palamino named White Cloud.  That horse would later become one of the most famous horses in American history . . . of course as many famous stars do, he changed his name.  Only his closest friends knew him as White Cloud, while the rest of the world knew him as . . .

Roy Rogers & Trigger
And how did this come up in my research about Famous American Freemasons?  It's easy--I profiled Bro. Roy Rogers, and learned during my research how he met and later acquired his famous co-star.  Perhaps one of my favorite chapters in that book--I think I wrote almost as much about Trigger as I did about Roy.  The world needs a few role models like that today.


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