Thursday, July 10, 2014

Due To Compaints About Thong Thursday, It Has Been Discontinued

Last week I posted a piece called The Triumphant Return of Thong Thursday and I've gotten nothing but complaints about it.  So sadly, I've decided to discontinue the series.  There is a good reason for that--there just aren't that many pictures of thongs out there, and I certainly didn't realize there were so many experts on the subject of thongs.  Thong enthusiasts have swamped me with angry emails obviously disappointed with my first Thong Thursday post.  I don't know how many of these "experts" pointed out to me that "this isn't exactly what I expected to find here when I followed the link to Thong Thursday."

You would think these "experts" on thongs would send me some photos of thongs if they were displeased with my selections, but instead, they decided to be insulting--most of them just sent me pictures of women in their underwear.   Most of these women aren't wearing shoes at all!

So I guess I'll just do something boring . . . like posting fishing photos.  Here's one that was sent to me by one of these alleged "thong experts."
See what I mean?  You can't even see her feet!


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