Saturday, June 28, 2014

Off In A New Direction . . .

I'm sure a few of my readers have noticed a change in the content of my blog over the last couple weeks--I'm in the midst of a change.  I've gotten some positive feedback, and I've gotten a few negative remarks.  So here's what's going on.  I'm going to be publishing my writing on the topic of Freemasonry on the world famous Midnight Freemasons Blog and in the Working Tools Masonic Magazine.  The Midnight Freemasons has taken off, and they are doing great work.  It's a group of a dozen writers I founded (that was the easy part), and Sir Knight Robert Johnson has worked to grow for the last couple years (that's been the hard part).  The Midnight Freemasons blog is a better place for me to publish pieces on Freemasonry.  They not only enjoy a growing readership, but I won't feel like I'm competing with them.

And to be honest, I'm ready for a change.  I've been writing on the topic of Freemasonry, almost exclusively, since I published my first book Famous American Freemasons back in 2007--actually it was well before then.  I've written hundreds and hundreds of pieces over the years.  It's a topic I still enjoy writing about, but there are some other topics I want to write about as well--so I'm going to try something very different.  I realize I'll probably lose a few readers (hopefully those of you looking for your daily dose of Freemasonry will discover the Midnight Freemasons blog), but it's time to breath new life into this old blog.

I'd very much enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions--let me know what you like, and what you don't like.  You can contact me at:


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