Thursday, June 12, 2014

Katie's First Masonic Installation

Do you see little Katie Creason taking it all in?
I attended my Lodge's installation this last weekend, and as always, my family attended--including my youngest daughter Katie (now 7).  I was reminded of something she did back in 2009, when she was two, and I was being installed as the Senior Warden.

When I was installed as Senior Warden of my lodge, my daughter Katie got to sit with me in the West after I was installed in my chair--do you see her off to the side? She was being particularly shy and quiet, which is a little out of character for her.  She's always been quite the chatter-box (in fact, her mother and I frequently question the wisdom of teaching her to talk).  It was a lot to take in for such a little kid, and she really didn't understand what was going on. 

After installation, it was just the two of us.  Her mother had to work, so I took her to McDonald's for a Happy Meal. The McDonald's was packed, and when we finally got up to the counter, I sat her up on the counter and ordered.  She was still being unusually quiet.  When the server asked Katie what she wanted to eat, she exclaimed in a loud voice:

"My daddy was just wearing a dress--and a necklace too!"

You could have heard a pin drop at McDonalds as everyone turned to look at us. I'll never forget the look at that young girl's face behind the counter either.  I said something about it not being a dress--it was an apron--but in hindsight, that explanation didn't help the situation at all.  We ordered our food, and I decided to take it to go.  It was a long time before I went back in there again.

Like Art Linkletter used to say--sometimes kids say the darndest things . . . 


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