Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Knot Head Part V: The Merovingian Wrap

The Merovingian Wrap
This is without a doubt my favorite.  The Merovingian Wrap.  There are several different ways I've found to do it, and I had a very difficult time getting any of them to work very well.  So I created my own version--and it's very, very simple.
My own version of the Merovingian Wrap . . .
same result without the cursing.
Remember the Windsor Knot from last week?  Just tie one of those, but don't complete the last two steps.  Just leave the fat part of the tie lying out over the knot.  Then all you do is pull the skinny part out from behind, wrap it around the fat part of the tie twice, and tuck it in your shirt (and pin it if you like).

It's super simple to do, and it looks super sharp when it's done well.  People often look twice--I get more comments on this knot than even the Eldridge Knot.

This is the last installment of the Knot Head series--you can read all five installments here.  But there are a lot more knots than just the few I've covered.  I've really enjoyed learning how to tie them, and then sharing what I've learned. 

Feel free to send me pictures of how you fared in learning some new neckwear knots.  And with your permission I may share them.


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