Monday, April 7, 2014

Congratulations To Midnight Freemason Aaron Gardner

I was glad to see that my friend and Brother Aaron Gardner sought further light over the weekend and received the 32° in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite (SJ) at the Scottish Rite Temple in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  I must say, the black cap suits him.
Aaron Gardner is one of the contributors of the Midnight Freemasons Blog, and a terrific writer--he writes for several publications in addition to the work he does at the Midnight Freemasons blog.  He's from Michigan, but his service in the Army took him to Oklahoma where he's a member of Triangle Lodge No. 548.   
Anyway, I saw he'd completed this important step in his Masonic journey, and since I've been giving him so much grief on Facebook recently, I thought I'd be nice (for a change).
Congratulations, Aaron!

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