Friday, March 21, 2014

Todd's Email: Fun With Masonic Conspiracy Theorists

I thought I'd share a random email. I just never know what I'm going to get from day to day.  Every once in awhile, I get one from the nut house--that group known as the Masonic conspiracy theorists.  A friend of mine calls them "secret squirrels" and I must admit, that seems to describe them very well. 
Dear Mr. Creason (if that is your real name),
I thought I would let you know that as a 33rd Degree Mason, and one of your Godless organization's most prolific and skilled disseminators of disinformation about Freemasonry, your act is transparent. Most people know that Freemasonry is really the public front of the Illuminati, which is an evil organization dedicated to the destruction of our society for the profit and power of an elite few. Like you. 
I was truly shocked--I didn't know what to say. Finally I answered.
Dear E. M.
I can't believe what you just said to me. I'm a 33rd Degree Mason? I had no idea! All these years, I've been wearing this ring upside-down? I turned it over, and you're right--it does say "33". All this time I thought I was an "EE." Thanks for clearing that up for me.
Todd E. Creason
Oddly enough, I haven't heard anything back yet . . .



  1. Hilarious!!!

    And nice call-back to the upside-down ring...

    1. I was wondering if anyone would notice that . . . :-)

  2. I have fun with antimasons all the time. I love to buy up their URLs that they forget to pay on and set them to redirect to Brother Ed King's It's worth the 15 bucks for a whole year on entertainment.


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